Desford Bird Garden
Desford Tropical Birdland
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A few pictures from the rest of the grounds. Apart from the many pens containing a variety of different birds, a key feature is the location of several Macaw nesting boxes. Each contains a pair of birds which have adopted that location as their main residence. You can see them playing at 'husband and wife' so to speak. They are free to roam and will come down for the odd peanut if they feel the inclination (and they usually do). Note the patagonian conure with Gill. Desford have a number of these and a few like to take the trip round the park with you. They're very gentle, but have a habit of feather plucking, despite the attention they get. If you get a chance, give one a cuddle they love the attention.
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patagonian kiss cool dude look out below nice tail!
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fancy a nut? thank you table top dancing

it's way past my bedtime

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we're mates we are colorful or what! have you seen the mess in here?

What have you got?

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yawn would you like some? local parson walnuts are my favourite

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can't catch me! I can get very ratty mealy worms are great I love walnuts best

Lucy (stolen)

Petra (stolen)

JoJo (stolen)

Lucy (stolen) Petra (stolen) JoJo (stolen)