Desford Parrots
Desford Tropical Birdland
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dfanim01.gif (92928 bytes) If you like tropical birds, and like to see them in a natural setting where happy and contented birds fly free as nature intended, then Desford's the place for you. The birds offer a great deal of entertainment and some are quite affectionate. This site is our tribute to the owners of the bird park who have created a wonderful environment for the birds who without doubt simply enjoy the attention of the public. If you visit, expect a close encounter of the bird kind!

Take a look at the layout of Desford Tropical Birdland and a map to help you get there.

Desford Celebration Calendars

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Darwin's Totally Tropical Party! - Enjoy (1.3MB)  

The Photo Galleries

The refreshment area
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The sin bin
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The parrot shop area
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Around the grounds
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The Audio Gallery (sample the atmosphere)

Sound Sample

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