Desford Bird Garden
Desford Tropical Birdland
camera.jpg (1317 bytes) Refreshment Area - Photo Gallery 1
Be warned, you're fair game in this area. Whilst the Macaws are generally well behaved the Lori's are out for fun. If you've got a bag of something nice and sweet, they'll find it. They love old ladies wearing hats and an old man's cap provides for hours of amusement. Lori's have a very sweet tooth as they're nectar eating birds. If you have a mug of tea, they'll help you drink it, especially if it's sugared tea. The Macaw's will take peanuts, and very gentle they are too (mostly). It's a great place to see the birds at close hand, but make sure you haven't got your Sunday best on, there's a good chance you'll leave with a very wet present, yuk!
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barrow boys

tea break

scratch it!

lori (1)

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tea's up! I'm tall too! rope trick

lori (2)

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Here's looking at you kid

smelly armits!

I need a long drink camera shy?, not me

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sugar please take that, biff! they don't come any better! my name's Jojo