Desford Bird Garden
Desford Tropical Birdland
camera.jpg (1317 bytes) Refreshment Area - Photo Gallery 2
More pictures in the refreshment area. Notice the Toucan, and what a cool dude she is. She walks about unperturbed by the punters, you'd think she was top bird. There's a very special bird here, JoJo the lesser sulphur crested cockatoo. She's very sweet and provided you come up to her standards, you might get to tickle her under her wings. She often says "hello baby" as a sort of greeting, she's lovely.

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toucan loo that's nice tickle me! branching out

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stick witlers no room upstairs jojo back massage ascot hat

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this stick tastes ok anyone seen my fancy clothes? that fish was this big! time for my annual bath

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sandwiches, yippee! love at first sight JoJo fruit & nut!