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The Jukes Heritage

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Life Long Friends

Can't add any words to this, the picture speaks for itself.

Roy and Edna at Carol's on the first visit Gill and I had made to Carol and Garfield's new home in Weston-Super-Mare.

You can just catch a glimpse of Garfield's rugby shirt on the left.


Super Mare...ose

Carol and Garfield outside their latest home in Weston.

Garfield tries to show Carol some of the new line dancing steps he's been learning.

Doesn't that moustache make him look continental?

Crew cuts

Gill joins the west country contingent for a nice group shot.

Don't know about you but Morgan the dog does it for me, definitely the best turned out.

By the way, what has Carol got on her feet, they wouldn't be her slippers would they.....?


Two men, Two Women and a dog

or 'get down Shep'

A very rare shot, Nigel in a photograph. Candidates for the annual 'find the sea at Western-Super-Mare fun run' line up before the off.

'Great' Nieces!

From left to right we have Carol, Josie , Joanna, Gill's great neices. They're all a bit older now, but this is a good snap of their earlier years. Carol and Joanna are the daughters of Roy and Edna (see below) and Josie is Carol's daughter. Carol has a son called Arron.

The 'not so ugly' sisters

A rare shot of Gill and her two sisters. From left to right we have Edna, Ivy at last but not least Gill.

Roy and Edna

Gill's sister and brother-in-law.

"Little Angels"


Gill's great neice and nephew when they were sweet and no trouble at all. Josie on the left and Arron on the right.