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"Cool Dude"

Meet Ian, the coolest dude in Walsall. You might think he's off guard, but beware there's a six gun hiding in a concealed place. Seriously though, a hard day's banking is enough to do this to anyone, especially after a drink. Maybe it was our company that sent him to sleep. Ian's a do it yourself man and quite often can be found knocking bits of wood together, and its amazing what he can do with a used ballcock in the good old Blue Peter tradition. This guy passed the MENSA exams, so I have great respect for his intelligence and his Eric Morcambe wit. Yes, he can't half half bring back memories of good old Eric.

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"Cool Dude's wife"

Meet Chris, the coolest dude's better half, and some might say the best half. Don't let that smile fool you, there's a sting in that tail, especially first thing in the morning, oooohhhhh. Chris is at the leading edge of educational theory and is qualified in the art of the so called 'clippy round the earhole' technique, that is so widely used in our educational establishments today. Yes, she's a teacher and has the scars to prove it. Chris's passion is gardening and she's quite often seen with her hands in a pot. I don't know what she's been feeding the greenhouse lately but it seems to be growing itself (poor old Ian's in the process of reconstructing a mega one under instructions). Rumour has it that Chris was born in the North Pole. She gets in a sweat when a light bulb is switched on. Be warned, take your hot water bottles with you if invited to the igloo. Despite the hard exterior she's quite a softy really, once you get to know her.

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"I see no ships"

Always on the look out for talent, or maybe he's showing us where his hairline used to finish all those years ago!

"The Dresser"

Always an eye for fashion. Here, Ian models one of the ties he used to wear in the sixties (and still does!).

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"The Hugger - Part One"

Here Ian hugs Mr Vick Sinex himself, Malcolm Price. Malcolm is a successful entrepreneur, but needs a hug now and then and Ian is only too happy to oblige.

"The Hugger - Part Two"

Here he is again, attaching himself to a very gentle lady. Meet Dawn, Malcolm's jet setting wife. Dawn has a passion for cats, but only the posh ones that don't go out and have their own bidet.

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"The Poser"

Meet Jan, Chris and Ian's next door neighbour. Jan is married to Steve. Here Jan practises at being a spice girl

"The less than 100%"

One glass of wine looks much the same as another. I think Chris lost count on this occasion. Look at those eyes!

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