Friends Caught On Camera Image
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Olive's Loo Record

Yep, the official evidence that the 'how many party goers can you get in Olive's outside loo' record was actually broken. The team of ten highly trained bog stuffers celebrate as they pose for the official photograph at Olives seventieth birthday party. A team spokesperson said, "there's nothing to it when you've been stuffing bogs as long as we have. The team is now looking for fresh (pooh...) challenges".

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Two Record Breakers

A rare glimpse of two of the record breaking bog stuffers (Gill and Marie) as they balance on a storage shelf at the back of the loo. As you can see, they obviously enjoy their work.

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The party slows

Sue, Ian, Val and Lindsey take a well earned rest from the pace on the dance floor. Where did Val get that hat from?

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Mother and Son

Ian gives his mom a hug on her birthday.