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I never did live with the smiffs, in fact I didn't actually live with anyone, I just floated between several houses in the neighbourhood in my daily quest to find food and a bit of attention.

I was the boss around the smiffs neighbourhood and kept the other cats in their place. I was getting on a bit when the smiffs got to know me and frankly I found it a bit of a pain having to act as top cat, but you have to do it when you've ruled the territory for so long, especially when you get young whipper snappers coming onto the patch.

I did have an official owner called Ruth but unfortunately she also owned another cat called Delilah and boy I couldn't stand her one bit. She'd got too much energy for me and always followed me around if she thought there was some food on offer. I used to give her a good swipe now and then just to keep her in her place.

I visited the smiff's two or three times a day, the lady there is a sucker for cats and I could always guarantee getting a bowl of milk and some sliced chicken. If I was very lucky and the smiff's were having salmon sandwiches for their lunch I used to get a good belly full of that, lovely!

Most cats like to go inside and sleep in the warm. Not me, I was always outside making sure nobody took over my patch. The other cats were whimps!.