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Hello, thank you for taking the time to see what sort of pet of the bird variety the smiffs were lucky enough to enjoy. I was a very special budgie as you can see from my pictures above, not bad are they? There aren't many budgerigars with my particular splash of colour, I know that because my owners travelled around a bit and they told me.

I lived with Nigel and Gill who acquired me after I was turfed out of my previous residencies, in one case on the basis of being too noisy, and in the other case as a consequence of an owner who couldn't cope with the stresses of owning me, can't see why. I can understand the noisy bit, I did shout a bit when I wanted too!

tobyfinger.jpg (13210 bytes)I arrived at the time Nigel was building the Great Wall of Shire Oak. God was it boring watching him through the patio window painstakingly seating every single brick in that garden wall. It must have taken him 12 months to finish it. Still it doesn't look too bad so it was probably worth the effort.

Daily life settled into the following pattern which is still very much the same today.

Wake --> Eat/Drink --> Chomble --> Brief Quality time with Gill --> Monitor any action in the garden --> Listen to the radio --> Kip --> Eat/Drink --> Chomble --> More Kip --> Move into the lounge for nightly entertainment --> Quality time with Gill --> Eat/Drink --> Listen to telly --> Humour Nigel when he appears --> Kip --> Humour Nigel some more with a stupid game that involves looking up and down (simple minds!) --> Fly round the room twice (thrice if I'm up to it) for exercise --> Eat/Drink Supper --> Move back to dining room --> Cover on --> Kip

Both my owners used to vanish into some magic space when the darkness disappeared, I've no idea where they went, but every so often they did seem to spend a little more time with me.

Life was rather boring, but every so often it pepped up a bit when my budgerigar friend came to see me. Click on the small image of him to see what I had to put up with.

Once or maybe twice a year this funny looking pot-bellied excuse for a budgie entered into my territory. No idea why he came but it did allow me to speak to someone that actually understood me, even if he did think he owned the place when he came.

Peter was his name and he was blue, in fact he was a Blue Peter (weak humanoid joke referencing a classic children's television series).

I was still the boss when Peter spent time with us as for some reason he never got let out of his cage whereas I did. It was great tazzing around on the top of his cage, pulling his swing, dinging his bell and getting in some rear end dumping target practice. It drove him crazy, but he often got his own back by biting my feet.

Despite our differences though, we had a soft spot for each other and at least when he was with us I had some company whilst Nigel and Gill were away.

tobydish.jpg (14208 bytes)By the way, the shot opposite was taken whilst I  was on the roof adjusting my satellite dish for the new digital telly services. Quite a difficult task when you can only use your beak to carry out the fine adjustments necessary.

Another event that often broke the monotony was a game called 'see the puss cats'. No idea what the object of the game was but it gave me a chance to look around my territory and enjoy a bit of quality time with my owners. When the magic phrase 'see the puss cats' was mentioned I had to look keen and then when balanced on an appropriate hand or finger I got taken to some sort of ritualistic alter from which I could see the whole world. Then together we would all look through this thing looking for... well I'm not sure what, but they went ecstatic when they saw some bedraggled creature sporting four legs, a tail and a row of very sharp teeth. I think they called it a cat. The orange ones seemed to get the best reaction. I just pretended to look interested and looked out for creatures like me, of which I saw very few. Eventually they'd get bored and put me back in my cage.

Contrary to popular belief, some budgerigars can be quite intellectual. In fact I had been known to assist Gill in completing her Open University course work. I don't know how she would have coped without me looking over her shoulder at the computer screen whilst she tapped away relentlessly on that magic button thingy. Anyway, the odd whistle often provided her with the inspiration needed to splash some more human speak onbdg006.gif (6108 bytes) that box that looks like the telly downstairs.

As I got older I acquired a bit of a gammy leg. It seemed to get worse in the colder weather. My right leg went weak and I couldn't grip things very tightly when I got the problem. Climbing around the cage was difficult and I often end up swinging around on one leg. Still I seemed to get more attention when my leg played up a bit, so everything has its positive side.