Pets Corner

Whilst we cannot claim ownership of all the specimens listed here, all of them have given us hours of pleasure during the time we were blessed with their company.

robbiesmall.jpg (8262 bytes)


By special request, Carol's dog Robbie enters cyber space. By all accounts Robbie is a bundle of fun but has a slight penchant for nibbling feet....allegedly. Robbie was a rescue dog but gives hours of pleasure to the Crews in Weston- Super-Mare.

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This dude took over Sam's territory (see entry for Sam below). Dudley was acquired by Sam's owners, after a suitable period of mourning of course. It didn't take him long to claim Sam's territory, including our back garden. Unlike Sam, this one had it in for birds, of any variety. Alas, Dudley's owners decided to leave the street and took Dudley with them. He no longer greets us each morning.

click here for Dudley's page.


tntoby.jpg (6599 bytes)


Sadly no longer with us. The best budgerigar that ever lived, a real companion. Blew great raspberries, loved Gill and tolerated Nigel. He was really tame and loved parties. click here for further insight into this little creature's habits and a few more pics.

tnpeter.jpg (10129 bytes)


This little chap comes to visit us a couple of times a year whilst his owners are away on holiday. Toby and Peter liked each other's company, although Toby was always the boss. Toby took great pleasure in walking all over Peter's cage and Peter used to respond by trying to bite Toby's feet.

tnsam.jpg (8699 bytes)


A good friend sadly missed. Sam was the last neighbourhood cat to have serious character. A real wise Deuteronomy. Kept the other cats in check and couldn't be bothered with that bird killing thing. Sam visited us daily, often just to say hello and receive a cuddle. click here for further a insight into Sam's habits.

tnpuss.jpg (10498 bytes)


Gill's companion for many years. Puss spent most of her life at Gill's parents house until Nigel came on the scene and she suffered two further moves after that. She lost her teeth at an early age but was famous for giving a nasty suck. Used to like that child's game 'piggy goes to market'. Tickle her feet whilst reciting the verse, building up to a stomach clench. She used to shake with the anticipation of striking like a viper with that nasty suck weapon, preferably if Nigel was on the other end. Sadly missed.

tnsheba.jpg (10152 bytes)


Border collie that lived with Nigel's father and brother. Gave Nigel and Gill plenty of exercise during the many 'walkies' outings, including a most memorable one over the lickey hills after which I think she slept for a fortnight. Couldn't cope with the vacuum cleaner and on hearing the word 'bath' used to drop her head and slope off out of the room to find a suitable hiding place. Great fun and sadly missed.